Rob Parsons volunteered to build a school in a Haitian village - Spring 2012

Rob has completed homes of prestige which have been written and talked about.  One job that Rob is very proud of is the construction of a school he volunteered to build in a Haitian Village in the Spring of 2012. 

This construction was a great challenge as the supplies, materials and tools were less than optimal.  Rob worked with many of the locals and a few other Canadian volunteers, with a scrap piece of paper for the plans and built a school for the children to learn.

This project was done in two weeks, in intense heat and monsoon rains.  It was an honour to be a part of something life changing. Rob has a big heart for this Haitian Village and plans to return to help in any way that he can.  No project is too small, it’s for the children and a chance at a better life.



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