Seasonal Tips


  • Check and turn off pilot lights on fireplaces and heaters that will not be used till Fall.
  • Inspect your roof for moss and deterioration over the Winter.
  • Inspect roof flashings around penetrations, chimney and skylights.
  • Check for new cracks in the foundation.
  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors,  replace batteries if they are not hard wired.
  • Check the dryer vent for lint build up.
  • Check the date on your water heater, approx. normal life is 7 years, make sure it can drain somewhere.
  • Clean furnace and HRV filters.
  • Test well water if applicable.
  • Turn on hose bib shut offs.
  • Check gutters and clean if necessary, caulk any leaks.
  • Fertilize lawns and trees, etc.
  • Power wash driveways, sidewalks and patios.
  • Clean window screens, wash windows.
  • Check caulking around windows and doors, this is a regular maintenance item.
  • Plan for any exterior painting that is required and needs to be completed over the warm months.
  • Empty the canister and clean the filter for your built in vacuum.
  • Check washing machine hoses for cracks and damage.
  • Service your lawn mower. 

Please call with any questions.  We have some excellent sub trades that can help you if you need it.


  • Clean chimneys on wood burning fireplaces.
  • Clean furnace filter if it wasn't done in the Spring.
  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc.
  • Turn off hose bib shutoffs.
  • Clean gutters, this may have to be done a few times over Winter.
  • Check dryer vent for lint build up.
  • Check bulbs in exterior light fixtures.
  • Empty and clean the filter on your built in vacuum.
  • Service gas appliances and turn on pilot light.
  • Put patio furniture away for the Winter.
  • Service heat pump and furnace.
  • Check heating oil tank and fill if necessary. 
  • Clean out sumps and ensure sump pumps are working.
  • Clean and check storm water backflow preventers.

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